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Storyline Of Game Bouncy College Latest APK

Bouncy College was established as the ultimate training ground for elite soldiers to investigate the mysterious incidents that have happened around the world.

It has been over 1000 years since certain unknown life forms invaded your planet and their intent is still unclear even today.

These college girls who seem to be living normal lives are actually elite fighters who are always ready to fight for the soil.

Thanks to your hidden secret power, you have been recruited to lead the girls and fight against unknown life forms from outer space.

Gameplay Of Bouncy College Latest APK

This instant classic offers an interesting turn-based gamemechanics that also give the best players.

Bouncy College includes 100 story missions,over 50 SP missions and countless event missions, each with unique environment, traps and objects.

Also it offer the player an unprecedented experience every time he does play.

The game includes various game modes such as World Bosses, Event Missions and PVP Arena.

In World Boss, you can challenge an elite enemy every day to test you strength of the team. Event missions Each game mode have different rewards.

Therefor discover all the game modes and enjoy the hottest adventure of your life.

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Ah, college girls, you gotta love them. And what better way to meet a few than to infiltrate a college of elite fighters who aim to become your hero World?

Get ready to save the world alongside the hottest College treasures from this part of the universe.

Since Bouncy College definitely has a ton of sexually ready 3D beauties to fight next to you.

Blast through more than 100 stories and special missions, collect resources and plan your battles and lead your own mortal women to victory!

Bouncy College is the perfect balance of addiction high quality 3D Hentai gameplay and art that will do love street fighting almost as much as the dirty actions in the sheets.

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a. Party with over 15 girls and over 100 3D H scenes! Each girl comes with 7 different and original H-scenes animations.

b. The evil content is not only varied, it is Interactive: Select to activate automatic/manual mode and adjust the animation speed as you like while enjoying the show.

c. Experience a complete sex adventure of the start to the end!100 story missions! Unfold the story by completing100 missions!

d. Each stage comes with different technicians, so organize your team carefully to end of the storyline!

e. Complete all adventures, win rewards, and get more girls to join your party!

f. Brave 50+ special missions! Also Multiple SP missions with higher difficulty levels and many unique rewards are waiting for you!

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Take on the SP missions whenever you want feel ready!

a. Enjoy battles through the Pull & Strike Combat System!Fun and immersive battle mode that is easy to learn,but challenging to master!

b. Pull and aim to shoot and use Friends skills to deal more damage. Master the mechanic to take on the most evil monsters!

c. Take advantage of unique Friend Skills! every girl has a unique ability that can be enhanced or developed!Explore and find the right combo for your play style!

d. In addition to friend skills , it offers best combo suggestions for your team

e. Navigate the upgrade system! put you . At favorite girl in many different ways and build your own style of play.

f. The upper level offers a general upgrade.

g. The mastery will improve some specific aspects such as:Attack and Speed ​​will bring while Advancement and Advancement new possibilities for the character.

h. Battle World Bosses! Challenge the world boss every day to test the strength of your team. More the damage, the higher the reward!

i. Also challenge different event modes! Register for a limited time events to get bonus rewards, exchange resources or even meet a new bouncing baby!

j. You can also take over players around the world in PvP and win amazing reward! Fight your way to the top!