New Release – Long Lost Lust Latest APK v2.0.8 Download

Long-lost-lust-latest-apk-downloadAbout the game Long Lost Lust Latest APK

Long Lost Lust Latest APK features a massive cast of classic RPG tropes transformed into beautiful girls ready to fight for their libido.

They are divided into four factions: Oral, Anal, Vaginal and Kinky according to their preferences.

These factions, as well as their upgrade levels, will affect their strength in battle.

Take part in a beautifully illustrated adult fantasy saga as you recruit and upgrade a selection of tough women from every fantasy class and trope you can imagine.

With each update, inhibitions and clothes fade, becoming more and more lustful.

Lead the hottest adventure party in battle presented as extremely sexual encounters.

Wherever you go, beautiful rebels will follow, determined to bring back their long-lost desire.

Long Lost Lust Latest APK is the third Tender Troupe game exclusive to Nutaku, following the renowned art style of Booty Farm and


Game Features Long Lost Lust Latest APK

• Unique fighting long life erotic fantasy comic saga

• 50+ Badass Warrior Ladies at launch

• Over 150 uncensored sex scenes

• Over 150 collectibles


Download Apk Preview

Long Lost Lust game gameplay

It’s no exaggeration to say that Tender Troupe’s next game is one of the long-awaited releases here in Nutaku.

Over the past year, we’ve seen the team behind some of our biggest games dive into their biggest project ever.

They have seen a GCC transform into something much bigger and much more ambitious.

Now the team’s next foolproof success is in our hands, but does Long Lost Lust Latest APK live up to the high standards of their previous titles?

Spoiler alert: Absolutely! It’s no secret that we’re big fans of Tender Troupe here at Nutaku, so trust us when we say this might just be their best game yet.

Whether you love fantasy, love RPGs, or just want to see more awesome character designs from Kikilitious, Long Lost Lust Latest APK has something for everyone.

According to the team, this is their biggest project to date – and it shows!

It’s an ambitious fantasy adventure that draws inspiration from literature, movies, TV shows

And (of course) video games to deliver a familiar yet undeniably original thread.


Long Lost Lust Latest APK is essentially an isekai anime steeped in western fantasy.

He’s about a lovable jerk who gets too involved in his comics to have any luck with the ladies.

And it seems to have pretty much settled into the old gym sock routine for the rest of his life.

But all that changes, and he gets sucked into his favorite comic book and, much to his chagrin, forced to save a fantasy kingdom he never knew existed.

A mischievous goddess named Eris has all but erased sex from the realm, leaving millions tall and (literally) dry.

To help spread Eros across the land, this adorable little poindexter must use his not-so-powerful rod to bring the passion back into the world!

But he can’t do it alone – Long Lost Lust Latest APK is about women, and you need to recruit them to help your cause.

Women of all races, classes and backgrounds must be defeated in battle to help bring sex back to the masses.

Meet (and maybe even battle) catgirls, harpies, and jellyfish in addictive casual RPG battles.

And all kinds of other violent women to leave the naive and sterile world.

Eventually, you’ll be able to recruit many of these powerful and sexy women into your ranks and enlist them in your ongoing fight for the right to party.

As you get closer and collect more power-ups for each girl during the battles, not only do you get a stronger team.

But also you unlock hot fantasy sex scenes with humans and monsters.

Orcs, beast girls and more are waiting for a chance to jump on you, not to mention beating up some Puritans along the way!


But Long Lost Lust is more than just a fantasy RPG.

For starters, there’s an unlockable interactive comic that features some of the hottest sex scenes in the entire game – oh, and it also tells the story!

This isn’t even going into the optional roguelike-style dungeon, where players can take on fearsome enemies to reap big bonuses, and deep PVP.

Additionally, Tender Troupe is working hard on a cooking minigame with the world-famous Bethany, so there’s a lot to look forward to in the near future!

This is what really makes Long Lost Lust Latest APK such an immersive package.

Yes, this is a fantasy RPG created by a team of people who care deeply about the genre and have worked hard to create something die-hard fans will love immediately.

But it is also much more than that. Much like a certain high fantasy game that rhymes with “pitcher”.

Long Lost Lust Latest APK mod provides enough content for everyone, no matter if you like high fantasy or not.

The script is tight and funny, the art is a more cartoonish take on these types of stories

And the gameplay is something everyone from the casual gamer to the dedicated fan can relate to.

And with plenty of updates on the way based on fan feedback, it’s clear that Tender Troupe cares enough about players who love this one to stick with it.

If you’re a Tender Troupe fan, don’t worry – Long Lost Lust is everything it promises to be, and frankly, a bit more than expected.

But if you’re a tricky Virgo, then this is definitely the best place to start. So go ahead – let the (sex) legend come to life!